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NEW YORK • AUGUST 30, 2004

On behalf of the Bush-Cheney campaign, I'm grateful for your enthusiastic welcome to New York provided by the great mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg.

The mayor is rightly proud of his city. The resurgence in New York over the last 10 years and its amazing strength after September 11th confirm that there is a spectacular energy to this city that makes it one of the most exciting places on earth. This is a hopeful town. For decades it was the first place people saw as they journeyed to America.

Throughout American history it has attracted people who want to pursue their dreams. And at the beginning of the 21st century, it has inspired every American. There is no better place to celebrate President Bush's leadership and present his vision for the future than here in New York. (Applause.)

In this city George W. Bush confronted one of the greatest tests of leadership ever to face a president. In this city America finally awoke to the realities of a world at war. In this city, vibrant and better than ever, we find confirmation that America, though bruised, can never be shattered.

Led by President Bush and Vice President Cheney, Americans have moved our economy from recession to expansion.

Today, more people are working. More people than ever are homeowners. Schools are focused on success, and children are learning. America's charities and faith-based groups are getting support from the federal government to expand their compassionate works. More Americans are volunteering to help their neighbors. We are leading the world to fight to eradicate disease and hunger. And we are confronting the forces of terrorism and tyranny, to make our own nation safer and bring peace to people across the globe.

Accomplishing the goals we laid out for our party, for our president, and for our nation required new thinking. Republicans and President Bush have brought needed reform and welcome change to Washington. Our president has proven his ability to adapt to changing times while holding true to his basic beliefs in freedom, opportunity and compassion.

Under President Bush, we have a safer, more hopeful America. We meet here to applaud the accomplishments and re-affirm our support for one of the greatest leaders our nation has ever known. (Applause.) On behalf of the Bush-Cheney campaign, welcome to New York! (Applause.)


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